1919: Photo of Anna Mae Wong by Alla’s Pool
Joyce Ralston Payton, who is a member of the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah Novels Facebook Group, posted this photo of Anna Mae Wong to the group. She rightly suspected the photo was taken at the Garden of Alla. Anna Mae Wong’s first appearance in movies was in Nazimova’s “The Red Lantern,” which was released by […]
Born Today: Caroline Harris – Helped Nazimova Learn English
November 1 is the birthday of Caroline Harris. One of the legends of Alla Nazimova is that when she landed in the United States, she couldn’t speak a word of English. However, she managed to impress Shubert brothers so deeply that they hired her on the condition she learn English in six months. And she […]
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Nazimova’s Friend – the Singer Feodor Chaliapin
“[Feodor]Chaliapin, the famed Russian singer, came to Los Angeles for three seasons, 1923, 1924 and 1925. After his performances, he invariably went to Alla’s house to eat two big steaks, drink half a bottle of vodka, and tell dirty stories until morning.” Shelia Graham, The Garden of Allah.
Alla Nazimova’s Iconic 1923 ‘Salome’ Wig Discovered in a Trunk in Georgia
Wig Was Designed by Natacha Rambova, Wife of Rudolph Valentino
West Hollywood, Calif. (March 10, 2015) A lost trove of early 20th century costumes and fashionable street wear from the estate of Broadway and silent-film star Alla Nazimova (“Nah-ZIM-oh-vah”) was discovered last fall in an unlikely place: a storage building behind a home in Columbus, Ga. College student Jack Raines found the garments fastidiously packed […]
Nazimova in Columbia University’s Women Film Pioneers Project
There’s an important overview of the location and status of Alla Nazimova’s papers and other research assets on Columbia University’s Women Film Pioneers Project, written by Jennifer Horne, including this bit: There is no denying the intriguing power of a biographical narrative that traces connections between Alla Nazimova and almost every prominent lesbian in Hollywood, […]
Nazimova on ‘Mysteries & Scandals’
Originally broadcast in September 1998, with commentary by the late Gavin Lambert, author of the definitive biography, “Nazimova: A Biography.”
Happy Birthday, Alla Nazimova
June 4 is Alla Nazimova’s birthday. She would be 135 years old today, but we suspect she’d only admit to 110. Here’s an astrological chart that someone prepared on her behalf. Some of the information is inaccurate — she never actually studied with Stanislavsky and she did eventually divorce her first husband, but close enough.
Los Angeles Playbill for production of Ibsen’s “Ghosts” starring Alla Nazimova at the Biltmore Theatre, 1936
Not only did Madame Nazimova star in the production, but she directed it too! More information on Erlanger’s Biltmore Theater: Performing Arts Archive Historic Los Angeles Theaters – downtown  
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Alla Nazimova is included in a set of (non-traditional) matryoshka dolls by Alex Chowaniec
  From I first met Alex Chowaniec 4 years ago when we were both showing in a pop-up gallery in San Francisco.  Now both in NY, we swapped studio visits on a winter afternoon. I was excited to hear about her project questioning cultural traditions in contemporary Russia. A friend gifted Alex a set […]
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Dorothy Parker Book Events in West Hollywood This Week
WEHOville: [Dorothy] Parker’s WeHo history will be celebrated this weekend with a series of events, beginning with a reception at Tags, the clothing store on 8570 W. Sunset Blvd. near Alta Loma, for Kevin Fitzpatrick, author of “Under the Table: A Dorothy Parker Cocktail Guide.” Fitzpatrick is president of the Dorothy Parker Society in New […]