1923: Press Sheets for Paramount & Metro Releases for Nazimova and Valentino in “Camille” April – September 1923
1919: Nazimova in “Eye for Eye” – Motion Picture News, January – February 1919
1907: Cover of the program for Nazimova’s performances with Walter Hampden at the Bijou Theatre, September 23, 1907
1919: Collage of photos of Alla Nazimova in “The Brat” in Motion Picture News magazine, July – August 1919
1918: Collage of advertisements for “Eye for Eye” starring Nazimova, Motion Picture News, November – December 1918
1921: Alla Nazimova in Camille (1921) German postcard by Ross Verlag
1923: Alla Nazimova in a posrer for “Salome” (1923)
1920: Advertisement by Metro Pictures for Nazimova, Motion Picture News magazine, January – February 1920
1920: Advertisement for Nazimova in “Billions” – Moving Picture World magazine, August 1920
1925: Advertisement for Jean Adams, Business Manager for Alla Nazimova, Film Daily Yearbook, 1925