1941: Nazimova’s country property Who-Torok and the advertisement announcing its sale
1921: Four advertisements for Alla Nazimova in Metro Picture’s “Camille” (1921)
1921: Advertising for Rodolph Valentino and Nazimova in “Camille”
1916: Poster for “War Brides” starring Alla Nazimova in her first motion picture (1916)
1920: Poster for Alla Nazimova in “Madame Peacock”
1916: Nazimova in “War Brides” color lobby card
1920: The Incomparable Nazimova in “Billions” in The Film Daily magazine July – December 1920
1919: The Incomparable Nazimova in “The Brat” Motion Picture News, July – August 1919
1918: The Great Nazimova in “Eye For Eye” – Motion Picture News magazine, November – December 1918
Poster for Alla Nazimova and Rudolph Valentino in “Camille” (1923)