Circa early 1920s: Alla Nazimova and Natacha Rambova at the Garden of Alla
Nazimova and Natacha Rambova, circa 1920s, which is when Rambova’s husband, Rudolph Valentino, was co-starring with Nazimova in 1921’s “Camille” and Rambova did the art direction and costume design. They were photographed at the Garden of Alla and Nazimova’s pajama suit was designed by Rambova too.
Alla Nazimova “helping” a workman at the Garden of Alla
Alla Nazimova prunes the Garden of Alla.
Alla Nazimova takes great pleasure in caring for the growing things around her estate on Sunset Blvd. (undated)
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1919: Alla Nazimova in the garden of her house on Sunset Blvd
Garden of Allah 1918 – 1959
A postcard view of Alla Nazimova’s home on Sunset Blvd., circa 1918. Note that the card shows the name of the estate as Hayvenhurst. She informally referred to it as the Garden of Alla.