1919: Charlie Chaplin visits Alla Nazimova and Charles Bryant on the set of “The Brat” (1919)
1919: Charles Bryant and Alla Nazimova in “The Brat” (1919)
1919: The Incomparable Nazimova in “The Brat” Motion Picture News, July – August 1919
1919: Collage of photos of Alla Nazimova in “The Brat” in Motion Picture News magazine, July – August 1919
1919: Alla Nazimova and her husband Charles Bryant in (1912-25) “The Brat”
1919: Theatrical poster for the silent film “The Brat” – produced by and starring Alla Nazimova
1919: Charlie Chaplin visits the set of Alla Nazimova’s film “The Brat”
1919: Alla Nazimova in “The Brat” – colored movie theater lobby card
1919: Poster for Alla Nazimova in “The Brat”
Alla Nazimova & Charles Bryant with Director, Herbert Blache
Herbert Blache was Nazimova’s director on The Brat (1919)