1916: Poster for “War Brides” starring Alla Nazimova in her first motion picture (1916)
1916: Nazimova in “War Brides” color lobby card
1916: Alla Nazimova as Joan in “War Brides” (1916)
1916: Alla Nazimova as Joan in “War Brides” (1916)
Nazimova in “War Brides” – illustration in “A pictorial history of the silent screen” by Daniel C Blum (1953)
Alla Nazimova and Richard Barthelmess in “War Brides” – from “When The Movies Were Young” 1925
Advertisement for Nazimova in “War Brides” – Motion Picture News Sept-Oct 1916
1916: Nazimova in “War Brides” – “An Irresistible Attraction”
1916: Alla Nazimova appearing in “War Brides” at the Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles
1916: ”War Brides” starring Nazimova, movie advertisement