1919: Nazimova In ‘Red Lantern’ Production Meeting with Director Albert Capellani and Author Edith Wherry
This photo of Nazimova with Edith Wherry, author of the novel, “The Red Lantern,” and the film’s director Albert Capellani, was probably taken in 1919, the year film version starring Nazimova was released.
Solved! Mystery of the Missing Model
The scale model of the Garden of Allah Hotel created around the time of the hotel’s demise is alive and well and living in West Hollywood
One of the objectives of the Alla Nazimova Society is to identify and locate artifacts related to the legacy of Madame Nazimova. Among the items at the top of this list is a scale model of the Garden of Allah Hotel, which was once displayed in the bank building that now occupies the property where […]
Camille ‘a la’ Nazimova from Creme de la Creme
Inge Gregusch, editor of Creme de la Creme: film, fashion & frivolity, has published a wonderful essay with photos on Alla Nazimova’s “Camille,” one of the last movies Nazimova made for Metro Pictures, and the first and only film she made with Rudolph Valentino. The essay, “Camille ‘a la’ Nazimova,” is published in two parts […]
Then and Now: Proposed Towers on Garden of Allah Site on the Sunset Strip, 1930 Vs. Today
Cross-posted from Playground to the Stars. Plans were unveiled this week for redeveloping the former Garden of Allah Hotel property on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. The plans show a couple of high-rise buildings, including a 12 story tower. Here’s the project description from the developer’s website:
Was Early Gaga Inspired by Alla Nazimova?
Found this on this at Cheezburger.com.
CA California Home+Design: ‘Silent Film Star’s Legacy Turned L.A. Strip Mall’
Earlier this year, CA California Home+Design published an article about the demise of the Garden of Allah Hotel. The money quote came from Martin Turnbull, author of the Garden of Allah novels and Alla Nazimova Society co-founder: “It became a magnet for a certain type of person,” says Martin Turnbull, a novelist who has extensively […]
“Alla Nazimova, my aunt; a personal memoir” by Lucy Olga Lewton
"Alla Nazimova, my aunt; a personal memoir" by Lucy Olga LewtonIf you have any information on this book, especially if you have a photo of the cover, please let us know.
Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood, 1910-1969, by William J. Mann
Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood, 1910-1969From the publisher’s book description:
Whether in or out of the closet, gays and lesbians played an essential role in shaping studio-era Hollywood. Gay actors (J. Warren Kerrigan, Marlene Dietrich, Rock Hudson), gay directors (George Cukor, James Whale, Dorothy Arzner), and gay set and costume designers (Adrian, Travis Banton, George James Hopkins) have been among the most influential individuals in Hollywood history and literally created the Hollywood mystique. This landmark study-based on seven years of exacting research and including unpublished memoirs, personal correspondence, oral histories, and scrapbooks-explores the experience of Hollywood’s gays in the context of their times. Ranging from Hollywood’s working conditions to the rowdy character of Los Angeles’s gay underground, William J. Mann brings long overdue attention to every aspect of this powerful creative force.
“The Girls: Sappho Goes to Hollywood” by Diana McLennan
"The Girls: Sappho Goes to Hollywood" by Diana McLennanFrom the publisher’s book description:
THE GIRLS lifts the veil on the private lives of early Hollywood’s most powerful and uninhibited goddesses…The most unforgettable and immortal women of Hollywood’s golden era thrilled to a hidden world of exciting secrets. In THE GIRLS, Diana McLellan reveals the complex and intimate connections that roiled behind the public personae of Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and the women who loved them. Previously unseen FBI files, private correspondence and a trove of unpublished documents reveal a chain of lesbian affairs that moved from the theater world of New York through the heights of chic society to embed itself in the power structure of the movie business.
Hollywood Bohemians: Transgressive Sexuality and the Selling of the Movieland Dreams, by Brett L. Abrams
On the cover: Alla Nazimova in a still from "Eye For Eye" (1918)From the publisher’s book description:
Between 1917 and 1941, Hollywood studios, gossip columnists and novelists featured an unprecedented number of homosexuals, cross-dressers, and adulterers in their depictions of the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. Actress Greta Garbo defined herself as the ultimate serial bachelorette. Screenwriter Mercedes De Acosta engaged in numerous lesbian relationships with the Hollywood elite. And countless homosexual designers brazenly picked up men in the hottest Hollywood nightclubs. Hollywood’s image grew as a place of sexual abandon. This book demonstrates how studios and the media used images of these sexually adventurous characters to promote the industry and appeal to the prurient interests of their audiences. Illustrations, notes, bibliography and index.